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This is taken from the “IRLP Operating System Upgrade Manual”…

Backing up your existing IRLP node:

The first step is to backup your existing IRLP node. This process has been made easy by utilizing a couple of simple scripts, and then transferring the backup file from your node using the network or a USB stick. The script only backs up files that are custom to your node. It does not include the base IRLP software, and does not backup the rc.irlp IRLP startup script, as the older versions of this script will not work with new nodes. If you have added things to start in rc.irlp script, you will have to add them again to your new node.

To back up to a USB stick, you will require a stick with have sufficient space. The backup file can be several megabytes in size if several customizations are made to your node. the USB stick must be plugged into the node BEFORE performing the backup.

If using the network (WinSCP) method, you will transfer the file AFTER performing the backup.

To perform the backup, log into your node as user root, and issue the following command:


This script will go through your node, and backup files that are NOT part of the standard IRLP software set. There will be a lot of info flashing across the screen. Once the backup is done, the system will prompt you if you want to backup the file to a USB drive, or if you want to transfer it yourself.

WinSCP Method:

First thing you must do is install WinSCP on your windows computer. WinSCP is a split screen file manager that uses SSH to communicate to your node. The installation executable is available at:

Once on your windows computer, double click on the file and install WinSCP. When you start WinSCP, you will see the startup screen. If your node is behind the same firewall as your windows computer, the host name you enter will be the actual IP address of the network card in the node. The IP address can be seen by logging into the node and typing:

/sbin/ifconfig eth0

If your node is behind a separate firewall that your windows computer, you will need to know the public IP address of the firewall. You can find that by logging into the node and typing:

telnet 10000

The IP address you receive from either method above must be entered in the host name field. Type in your user name as root. Put your password for the root user in the Password field.

Once you click login, you may get a window popup about adding the “key”. Click Yes.

Once you are logged in, you will see your local computer on the left hand side, and your node on the right hand side. You want to make sure you know the folder set on your windows computer, so you can find the file at a later time. You want to set the right hand side folder, by clicking on the open folder icon (the leftmost icon just above the left hand file list). You want to go to the following folder


You will see your backup file there, irlp_backup.tgz. Click on the file and press F5 to copy it to the other side. A dialog box with lots of options will pop up. Just click copy.

Minimize the WinSCP window and make sure that you can see the file where you placed it on your windows computer. If this file is lost, so is the identity of your node.

Save this file for use if the upgrade fails in any way to recover your node.

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