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On a specific reflector:

Add a special entry into the file /home/irlp/custom/custom_decode, which adds the “notimeout” flag to the call. The line would look like this:

if [ “${1}” = “9198” ] ; then ${SCRIPT}/connect_to_reflector ref9198 notimeout ; exit 1 ; fi

To break it down, ${1} is the value received by the DTMF decoder, it is compared to the value “9198”, and if it matches, then it runs the script “connect_to_reflector ref9198 notimeout” that calls ref9198, and removes the timeout timer. Then it exits with a value of 1, which prevents further commands from being processed.

On all reflectors:

Change the value for reflector timeouts in the environment file to something larger. I don't recommend a value of zero (which disables all), but something much larger than the default is fine. The value you want to change is:

export REFLECT_TIMEOUT_VALUE=1200 (which is 20 minutes)

to something like

export REFLECT_TIMEOUT_VALUE=7200 (which is 120 minutes)

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