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IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project

Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

This is a wiki page for IRLP. It relies on user submissions, so please have a look through, and feel free to contribute.

ATTENTION NEW USERS - Due to a large amount of SPAM, I have had to close and control the editing of the wiki. In order to join and contribute, please set up and account, and use your callsign or node number as your username. That way I can manually approve you to the user list that is allowed to modify the wiki pages.

Dave Cameron, VE7LTD

IRLP System Designer

Installation Assistance

Common Actions

IRLP and the Raspberry Pi

Non-OS Specific Documents

Debian Specific Documents

CentOS Specific Documents

Official IRLP Website

IRLP Status Page

IRLP Yahoo! Group

PiRLP Yahoo! Group

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry PI / IRLP SD Card Back Up Software

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