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 IRLP System Designer IRLP System Designer
 +====Installation Assistance====
 +[[http://​​new-install/​IRLP_Node_Software_Install.pdf|Node Installation Document (PDF)]]
 +[[node_backup|Backup Your Node]]
 +[[reinstall_from_backup|Performing a Re-Install from a Backup File on USB]]
 +[[reinstall_no_backup|Performing a Re-Install WITHOUT a Backup]]
 +[[node_ownership_change|Change Node Ownership WITHOUT Node Number Change]]
 +====Common Actions====
 +[[recording_audio_files|Recording and Uploading your Node Identification Files]]
 +[[set_id|Configuring the Interval ID (Morse or Voice)]]
 +[[set_status_info|Setting/​Updating your Status Page Entry]]
 +[[changing_reflector_timeout|Changing the default timeout for Reflector connections]]
 ---- ----
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 [[Securing Remote SSH Access|Securing Remote SSH Access]] [[Securing Remote SSH Access|Securing Remote SSH Access]]
 +[[lock_attempts_ssh|Locking out too many failed attempts at accessing SSH!]]
 [[compatible USB sound cards|IRLP Compatible USB Sound Cards]] [[compatible USB sound cards|IRLP Compatible USB Sound Cards]]
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 Official IRLP Website [[http://​]] Official IRLP Website [[http://​]]
-IRLP Yahoo! Group [[|]]+IRLP Status Page [[]] 
 +IRLP Discussion Group [[​g/IRLP|]]
-PiRLP Yahoo! ​Group [[​group/pirlp/|]]+PiRLP Discussion ​Group [[|]]
 Raspberry Pi Foundation [[http://​]] Raspberry Pi Foundation [[http://​]]
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