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Configuring the Identifier (Morse/Voice)

All IRLP nodes are programmed with a morse code / voice ID system by default. The configuration of the ID (known as Interval_id) is contained within the node environment file.

You can edit the “environment” file (as user root) by typing:

pico  /home/irlp/custom/environment

You can also edit this file from the IRLP Remote Ad min system. The variables which can be edited include: USE_INTERVAL_ID - Turns the ID system ON or OFF (YES or NO) VOICE_ID_FILE - Voice ID wav file that is played if it exists. To make the system play the voice ID file, just place the selected file onto th e node. ID_PTT - Selects whether the PTT or AUX1 is used as a keyi ng pin. For PiRLP this should be kept as AUX1. ID_INTERVAL - Required ID interval in seconds (10 min = 600) ID_MIX - Mixes the ID with regular node audio. For PiRLP n odes this should be set to YES. MORSE_TEXT - The morse text that is played for the ID. By defa ult this is set to the callsign defined earlier in the file. Be sure to en close the text you want played in quotes. MORSE_SPEED - Options are SLOW (5wpm), MEDIUM (8wpm), FAST (15w pm), FASTEST (30wpm) MORSE_PITCH - Frequency in Hz that the morse is played at (300- 3000) MORSE_VOLUME - % volume that the morse is played at (1-100)

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