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 +====== **Downloading and Running the Re-Install Script from the Server** ======
 +The re-install script must be downloaded to your computer from the server. This will
 +ensure you have the latest version of the re-install script, as it changes all the time as
 +new versions of IRLP and Linux are released.
 +If you used the USB stick to transfer the file, just place the USB stick into one of the
 +node’s USB ports.
 +//**To download and run the script, perform the following steps:**//
 +1. Log in as user root
 +2. cd /root/
 +3. ./​get-irlp-files
 +4. When prompted, choose a re-install
 +During the re-install process you will be asked several Yes or No questions. You will be
 +prompted with (y/N) on (Y/n). You can type either "​y"​ or "​n"​ (lowercase),​ or if you just
 +press enter, the capitalized choice will be chosen. (example : Pressing ENTER when you
 +see (y/N) will answer NO)
 +On successful execution, you will see text explaining what the script does. Type what is
 +asks you to type and press ENTER to continue.
 +The script now performs a series of checks to make sure the following are installed and
 +working correctly.
 +1. Supported IRLP Linux version.
 +2. Connection type (Ethernet, PPP).
 +3. Whether you are behind a firewall or not.
 +4. Sound Card detected correctly.
 +5. Existence of required awk, sed, lynx, ncftpget, and pico/nano programs.
 +6. Checks to make sure your hostname resolves, and if not, prompts to add a line to
 +your hosts file.
 +7. Detects if your IP is assigned by DHCP behind a router and sets your IP static.
 +You may be asked to confirm a few things in the above checks, or the script may exit if
 +there is a problem detected. If you installed all of the required packages for IRLP, and are
 +running a properly installed IRLP CentOS system, there should be no problems. If you do
 +run into problems you cannot solve, please contact for assistance.
 +The magic automatically begins. The files will then be downloaded from the server
 +directly, and you will be ensured the most up-to-date system.
 +You will see a bunch of text flashing across the screen, and you will be prompted to press
 +ENTER once the files have been downloaded and installed. If there is an error during this
 +step of the process, they will cause the script to exit. If after running the script a few
 +times, you get the same error repeatedly, please report the problem to
 +The environment file is built, file permissions are set, and a final update of the filesystem
 +is performed. A few patches and checks are run. The backup file is extracted, and the
 +magic is complete!
 +Since your PGP key is already installed on the server, and you have transferred it from
 +your old node, you can now use your node as before. Make sure you rerun all of the
 +steps in the after-install,​ as your mixer settings have not been transferred from your old
 +Be sure to use the echo reflector to test and ensure your node is operating properly. If
 +you have any questions or comments about this document, or the re-install process of
 +your IRLP node, please contact the installs crew at
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